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Christopher Logan aka Logan’s Run is driven by a persistent love for music and dance. He was brought up in Miami's vibrant nightlife scene and currently resides in NYC.

His eclectic and energetic DJ style is contagious, he is always focused on the synergy between the music and his audience. Always keeping the crowd on their toes and on the dance floor.  He’s influenced by disco, funk, gospel,  soul, and world music.

In 2017 he founded Faith Lift, an inclusive monthly dance party with a focus on gospel house and soul music. When he’s not searching for new grooves and making mixes, Logan’s Run produces inspiring content for Faith Lift’s dedicated social media followers.


You can follow him here:


IG: @djlogansrun





Sam Coffie, aka BRGZR [BEARGAZER], is a New York City based menswear designer by day, and groove conductor by night. Born in the 80's, and raised in the 90's Chicagoland area, his affinity for House music and 90's R&B nostalgia display a well-curated vibe blending the old school with the "new cool".


Not only his DJ alias, BRGZR™ is a brand developed by SC to celebrate the melanin male form across straight, queer, and non-conforming identified communities. His attention to form is not only physical, but via each human sense.


To glimpse into his mind, follow him here:







 Faith Lift Party™ was established in 2017, representing more than just a party. This is a movement, a feeling, and a connection. We’re bringing the neighborhood and LGBTQ community together while celebrating our diversity. By combining spirituality with inspiring tunes, top DJs and an unbeatable vibe, We are offering a unique space for people to let loose, be themselves, and let the rest be history!


FLP was born in the creative mind of DJ and fashion photographer, Christopher Logan. “There’s always an inevitable reason to rejoice,” says Christopher. “Life and love are the most precious items we own. FLP is an all-inclusive, all-access approach to parties, offering a safe space for EVERYONE to relax and have fun in an unbiased, non-judgmental space.”


Along with DJ BRGZR (menswear designer by day, groove conductor by night) Faith Lift Party is on a mission to redefine the way the community celebrates their incredible diversity. Guests will enjoy the aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh Oil upon arrival. Free hand fans will be given to all. Tambourines will set the tone…and  DJ’s Logan’s Run and BRGZR will define it.


Open your mind and ears to vibrant sounds of gospel house, deep house, disco, funk, and classic soul. Everyone is welcome on the FLP side. If you’re ready to treat everyone equally too, while having the time of your life, the FLP family would love to see at their next event! If you're not in the area you can also tune into their monthly radio show on KPISS.FM.


In the weeks leading up to the party, guests can check in on the FLP Facebook page to stay connected . Visit for more information and be sure to follow the groove on Twitter and Instagram @Faithliftparty.


It’s all about unity. It’s all about acceptance. It’s all for you.


Faith Lift Party 

Who is Faith Lift Party?

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